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Beak's 2013-12-3We stopped by Beak’s tonight, purely on the spur of the moment. I understand it’s under new management. The food was terrific and the music was too. It was a three piece country band (rhythm acoustic guitar, good electronic country picker, and electric violin). There was a lead singer, but they did harmony occasionally. I’m a music snob, I admit. Well, it’s my business. But, I enjoyed every song this group played. Don’t know the name of the group, or even if it had a name. Every Tuesday night is “folk” music–this was country in the Texas tradition of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

We’ll be back, and on Tuesdays. Beak’s has a spot reserved on the web,, but it’s not up yet. They do have a facebook page: We both had hamburgers, just like one likes them, hand formed, juicy with lots of toppings.

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NSV is an abbreviation that online weight-loss communities use to stand for “non-scale victory.” It’s too easy to get caught up in the numbers on the scale when many of the victories are not scale related, such as the belt’s a little looser, or one is able to perform some task a little easier. So, my NSV this week has been that after a month of sloth, I was able to get out the door and walk FIVE MORNINGS in a row! That was my bottom line goal for the week, and I did it. Even though there was inertia yesterday and today, I overcame it and I made my goal.

I pretty much made my distance goals too, although I didn’t make it through the whole shebang. But, I got pretty close and for my first week back, I’m proud of myself. I hope I can make five mornings next week as well. I can feel how this morning I was a little looser than yesterday, which is what this is all about for me, freeing up the rust!

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After a week and a half of neglecting my walks, I finally restarted them. Lapses are bound to happen. As in meditation, all that matters is returning to the task at hand. It was good to be back. Pretty humid this morning, but a good strong wind helped keep it from being overwhelming.

Saw a trawler this morning that I believe had been made over into a pleasure boat. Only once did I ever really consider buying a boat. The boat that had taken my fancy was a trawler. Thankfully, I was wisely dissuaded from pursuing that folly. I can barely keep a tiny condo shipshape, let alone a boat.

This boat had a For Sale By Owner sign on it, but I’m not even tempted. I’m over that particular delusion. But, I still find their shape pleasing. I think it’s because they remind me of shrimp boats I used to watch when we’d visit family down on the Mississippi Gulf coast.

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Click here to listen to water’s sound

Listening to this sound (recorded on a walk last week) as I walk in the predawn colors is a big part of what keeps me going back. I know now that the days I walk seem to last longer, are more productive, and my head’s in a better place.

As a kid, on my grandfather’s old upright floor console radio, in my bedroom late at night, I’d listen to an AM radio broadcast from San Francisco. There was only AM and shortwave in those days; FM radio didn’t exist yet. I’d listen to shortwave symphony concerts from Europe sometimes. But, this was a late night AM show from San Francisco that featured a sound just like the link above, softly underscoring a man speaking casually in the most relaxed, mellow voice I’ve every heard. He didn’t say much that was memorable, it was just sort of feel-good kind of stuff, about people, nature, the city, things, ideas… But, always, underneath it, the sound of water against the seawall and of boats gently knocking against the docks.

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As the sun rises earlier and earlier heading toward summer, I walk earlier. I’m not sure how the tides and sunrise figure into this but I’ve noticed that the fish are jumping out of the water a lot more at this earlier hour. The birds know it too.

Some of the splashes aren’t fish, I know, because they have a different character wave action from the ones where I see fish jumping. I suspect they’re from manatee. There are signs everywhere warning the boaters about them. But, the water’s too murky to see them. Maybe later in the day when there’s lots of sunshine.

Back to the fish: it happens so fast…I haven’t been able to catch one of them in the air with my camera yet.

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New motivational goal for my morning walks

May 6, 2013 Florida

It may be that one of the reasons I’ve not been taking snapshots on my morning walks recently is that I’ve mistakenly thought I’ve taken a snapshot of everything there is to see at my favorite walking spots. Wrong! There’s always something new to see, isn’t there? As many times as I’ve walked past that […]

Morning walks: still at it

April 10, 2013 Florida

I was able to help motivate myself to establish my habit of morning walks, earlier this year, by tricking myself, telling myself I was just going out to take snapshots. No attempt at “photography,” not even “street photography.” Just snapshots. It worked. I haven’t been posting many of those photos recently, simply because I haven’t […]

Morning walk: inertia vrs. energy

April 2, 2013 Florida

Back at it after an exhausting work weekend. There’s still a challenge overcoming mental inertia, but now–almost instantly upon setting foot on the path–the energy awakens and I’m so glad I struggled against the inertia. Most images link to larger images. click on larger image for closeup

Radioreddit update

March 30, 2013 Music

Finally…took forever to get approved. Would love some upvotes if you’re so inclined: (The Linnet, that’s me) Most images link to larger images. click on larger image for closeup

Morning walk: visitors? live-aboards?

March 25, 2013 Florida

click here for video if your device doesn’t support flash I wonder about sailboats “parked” (wrong word I know, sailors, but I don’t know the correct term…) overnight in the middle of the water. They must be visitors to the area, right? Or, are they permanent “live-aboards” (that term I do know because my sister […]

Morning walk: Honda St. Petersburg Grand Prix

March 22, 2013 Florida

Haven’t been taking snapshots on my last few walks. Not sure why, but I’m at it again. One of the fun things about living in downtown St. Pete is that there is at least one event downtown every weekend. Usually more than one, but at least one. The one this weekend is a biggie, the […]

Pan Fried Daikon Cake

March 15, 2013 Food

Just made this. It’s terrific, absolutely terrific. Here’s the recipe I followed: (I do a lot of recipes–they are consistently good.) Not quite as authentic as if it were made with rice flower where the mix is flattened into square rectangles reminiscent of southern cornmeal mush, but the bread crumbs worked very well. It’s […]

Morning walk: may I never take this for granted

March 15, 2013 Florida

Taking a morning walk is becoming an established enough habit, that the inertia is easier and easier to over come. Every time, upon arriving at one of my walking spots, immediately upon getting out of my van, I’m greeting by a sight such as this one. Maybe I never take it for granted. There’s more […]

Morning walk: birds on the bayou

March 13, 2013 Florida

Not a lot to say about this morning’s walk except that it was brisk and wonderful out. The birds were enjoying it as much as I and the other walkers and joggers were. It still surprises me how affable other walkers are when passing you. Reminds me of how it was in the small midwest […]

Morning walk: Ibis

March 11, 2013 Florida

There were quite a few ibis out this morning. There’s a ton of different types of ibis (see Wikipedia). We have the American White Ibis here. This morning was one of those mornings when they were out in force, as I’d talked about in a much earlier Inkwatu post. I wonder what causes them to […]

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