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The Moon Under Water

by Hilton Kean Jones on June 13, 2008

in Florida, Food

The original Moon Under Water is a pub in the UK (see Beer Travels). At that site is a facsimile of George Orwell’s article in which he talks about his notion of the ideal pub which he calls “The Moon Under Water.” The owner of the J. D. Wetherspoon pubs decided that would be a great name for his UK chain of pubs. The best I can tell from the aforementioned article, the first one was the Colindale, North London pub. It appears there are now 14 Moon Under Water pubs in the chain. That tidbit, and quite a bit more is available at the above Beer Travels website.

I do know, for certain, at the end of my street, where it meets the water, is another pub named in honor of the original UK version, St. Petersburg’s very own “The Moon Under Water” (332 Beach Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701; 727-896-6160). It doesn’t have its own website, but this Frommer’s listing is pretty complete. On some of the other user-reviewer websites, the St. Pete Moon Under Water gets mixed reviews, but I definitely like certain dishes there a lot, especially their fish and chips–it’s the closest I’ve found here to the way I’ve had it in London pubs. I also had their corned beef, cabbage, and a Guinness® there on St. Patrick’s Day and was quite happy with the quality and quantity. Honestly, every other dish I’ve had there (burgers, other entrees) have been very tasty.

It’s a fun place too. There have been “kilt sightings” there on occasion. (Someday, I’ll have the nerve to buy one and wear it in public…they’re a not-so-secret love of mine!) In a way, it’s a sports bar, but true to its roots, the giant screen TVs are tuned to world soccer matches, not American sports. A very nice feature is that you can eat outside and bring your dog, who will be treated royally by the wait staff. The outdoor eating view is quite nice with a view of the bay directly across the street. All in all, eating at St. Pete’s The Moon Under Water has always been a very positive experience for me…especially after a couple pints of Newcastle Ale!


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Lucy June 13, 2008 at 6:18 pm

I’ve never been to a pub in the US that could hold a candle to those in the UK, but maybe this one is different! LOL I’ll have to give it a try! Good article!


Fran Sims July 28, 2008 at 1:42 am

Hilton -

My friend Ann and I go to Moon Under Water frequently and have found their Caesar’s salad (small size) to be tasty – yet different from most Caesar’s salads. Not sure what it is they put in the dressing, but we both like it. I’m also a fan of their tabouli and humus. My husband like the chicken curry – hot version.


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