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Old Farmer’s Creamery

by Hilton Kean Jones on October 18, 2008

in Florida, Food

Back in 1968, Big Brother and the Holding Company, with lead singer Janis Joplin, released an album called Cheap Thrills with a cover by Robert Crumb, founder of the underground comix movement. (“Piece of my heart” was on this album.) Fortunately, most of us (alas, not all) survived those reckless days to live to our present age of far more cautious senior citizenship.

Nevertheless, the title of that album sums up what we all need some days: CHEAP THRILLS!. These days, for me, that’s a trip to the Old Farmer’s Creamery homemade ice cream shop (2531 4th St. N., St Petersburg, FL 33704).

This time, my cheap thrill was a modified tin roof: a hot fudge sundae over a sliced banana topped with Spanish peanuts (I told them to hold the whipped cream and the cherry and use chocolate mint ice cream instead of vanilla…extra hot fudge). The origin of the name, Tin Roof Sundae, is the sound peanuts used to make inside of the tin container they came in. As I understand it, the “Sundae” part comes from “Sunday,” since—because of Sunday blue laws—soda shops weren’t allowed to make ice cream sodas (the big popular item of the day), but they could legally serve ice cream with a hot fudge topping on Sunday (see origin of the name).

Old Farmer’s Creamery used to use Working Cow ice cream, a locally made brand of St. Pete ice cream, but the Old Farmer’s Creamery now makes and serves their own. There is no shortage of outstanding ice cream shops in St. Pete. I’ve already got a list I’m slowly working my way through for Inkwatu—I just have to space them out so my blood sugar doesn’t get out of hand.

I’m hoping that, in my survey of St. Pete ice cream shops, I find a location that makes their own ginger ice cream. There’s a place in Kona, HI, that makes their own, “Intense Ginger,” or something like that. I haven’t found it anywhere else. If you know of someone locally who has it, please let me know. In the meantime…I’ll make do with a tin roof sundae. This one at Old Farmer’s Creamery was terrific.


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Lucy October 18, 2008 at 10:00 pm

It’s called “Extreme Ginger,” and the folks who own that shop have become friends. I’ll check to see if they know anyone in the St. Pete area who might have it. I stop in about every couple weeks and have a cup of it, making sure to figure it into my Weight Watchers’ points! LOL
It’s da kine.


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